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No more marketing overwhelm 

Introducing our Marketing Journal – a small business's ultimate tool for capturing, organizing, and transforming your marketing ideas and insights into actionable plans. With our expertly crafted guided exercises, this journal guides you through the process of identifying your target audience, SWOT analysis, uncovering your unique selling points (USPs) and more!

Once you've completed these exercises, you'll be empowered to meticulously plan, budget, and review your monthly marketing strategy. This encompassing strategy includes dedicated sections for reviewing paid/ organic Facebook and Instagram posts, shaping your email marketing initiatives, orchestrating influencer collaborations, and crafting a comprehensive weekly social media plan and more.

Flip to the journal's opposite side to meticulously lay out your future marketing campaigns. Discover an entire strategic blueprint, complete with comprehensive budgeting sheets, a tracker for key performance indicators (KPIs), a playbook of actionable strategies, a guide for planning your social media feeds, and a dedicated  space to analyse the outcomes of your campaign – identifying successes and areas for improvement.

Embrace the essence of effective marketing with our Marketing Journal. It's more than just pages; it's a strategic companion, a hub of creativity, and your pathway to deeply connecting with your audience. Step confidently into the dynamic world of marketing armed with the foresight and insights that our journal provides, and nail your marketing.

Size: B5 176 × 250mm
334 pages
120gsm pages
2x bookmark ribbons
Vegan leather cover
Gold foil title cover
Matching gold foil keepbox

Key Features:
Exercises to make your business stand out
Finding your audience
6x Monthly marketing plans and reviews

Mapping out marketing campaigns eg Black Friday, product launches, gift with purchase campaigns etc
Planning marketing strategies and implementation for the campaign
Reviewing and analysing each campaign

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