Our Story

In case we haven’t met…

Hi I’m Ann,

Self confessed lash-addict, mum of two who loves sleeping in, binge watching crime shows and treating all ailments with turmeric!   

My passion is to help women feel confident, glamorous and luxurious everyday with beautiful lashes that are quick and easy to apply.  

I’ve always loved being pampered and getting my eyelashes done. However, as a mother of two I just didn't have the time or money to be getting my lashes refilled every two weeks. So, I decided to try adhesive glue lashes. 

Well, that was a big mistake! I literally glued my eyes shut and was two hours late for my event because of it!!

 I knew there had to be an easier way. 

 After searching for an alternative to glue lashes I discovered magnetic lashes.After trying them and loving them, I decided that it was time to share this amazing product with other women.

Hence, Amaia Lashes was born.

What I love about magnetic lashes

The best thing about Magnetic Lashes is the quick and easy application! I could literally apply them in 2 minutes and be out the door looking and feeling fabulous.

Although when I first found out about magnetic lashes I had some reservations about having magnets around my eyes, I did my research and discovered that there’s some solid evidence from Ophthalmologists (aka, Eye Doctors) that says there’s no risk. In fact, some recommend these above the glue-lashes as they’re gentle on the eyes. 

If you’re curious to know more about the safety and how magnetic lashes work then take a look at our FAQ page