About Us

In case we haven’t met...

Hi! I’m Ann,

I am a self confessed lash-addict, mum of two who loves sleeping in, binge watching crime shows and treating all ailments with turmeric!

My passion is to help women feel confident, glamorous and luxurious everyday with beautiful lashes that are quick and easy to apply.

I’ve always loved being pampered and getting my eyelashes done. However, as a mother of two I just didn't have the time or money to be getting my lashes refilled every two weeks. So, I decided to try adhesive glue lashes.

Well, that was a big mistake! I literally glued my eyes shut and was two hours late for my event because of it!!


I knew there had to be an easier way. Hence, Amaia Lashes was born.


Why our products?

I bet you have heard about magnetic lashes and adhesive liner before, maybe even bought some in the hopes that they would answer your lash prayers. But all you got back was a product that did not work, $30 you wish you had spent on food and pure disappointment.

I understand, I have been there!

That is why we have tried and tested 100's (literally!) of different lash products. We have tried the magnetic lashes that stick to each other (that was time consuming!), the magnetic lashes that stick to another lash, that then stick to another lash (uh, what?!), and we tried so many magnetic eyeliner and lash kits we can't even count!

And then finally, all the hard work paid off! We found one that worked, but it still wasn't good enough for our clients! We then worked with a manufacturer to tweak the product to make it everything you have dreamed of.

We are so confident in our product, we are offering a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. No questions asked, post your product back and we will simply refund your money!