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Our Magnetic Lashes utilise a magnetic eyeliner (a liquid eyeliner that contain iron particles that are also found in cosmetics such as eyeshadow and mascara) and lashes that have nano magnets on the ends of them. The nano magnets on the end of the lashes then stick to the magnetic eyeliner.

Our Magic Liner is made of a compound called Acrylates Copolymer which is a pressure sensitive adhesive. This special ingredient allows our lashes to stick to ANY strip lash. No magnets needed!

Our Magic Liner differs to glue as the lash can be repositioned if put on incorrectly whereas glue is hard to reposition, glue also does not contain Acrylates Copolymer and is usually made with latex and other strong chemicals whereas our Magic Liner is hypoallergenic.


1) The Lash Liner does not use any magnets to adhere and works solely off an adhesive (but not glue, read more about this below)
2) The Lash Liner comes in clear or black, the Magnetic Lashes only come in black
3) The Lash Liner works with ANY strip lash (without magnets) whereas the magnetic liner works only with magnetic lashes.
4) The Lash Liner, you have to line your lash to your eye, whereas the magnetic lashes, they magnetise on.

Yes. It is safe to have magnets adhering to the eyelid. Magnets do not cause any kind of disruption in your eye movements or your vision.

In fact, many optometrists believe the magnetic eyeliner is safer than the harsh glues that are in glue false lashes.

Source: https://drrupawong.com/magnetic-liner-and-lashes-are-they-safe/

Are the ingredients toxic to your eye?

No, the magnetic component of the magnetic eyeliner is comprised of iron oxides. The iron oxide in the magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn’t contain ferrous or ferric oxides.

Iron oxides are found in many cosmetics (eye shadows and normal eyeliners) and is approved by NICNAS (Australian Governing Body of Chemicals in Cosmetics).

Source: https://drrupawong.com/magnetic-liner-and-lashes-are-they-safe/

Dr. Rupa Wong is a board certified ophthalmologist, who specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. She is also the managing partner of her practice Honolulu Eye Clinic.

We have a range of 20 different lashes so there is a lash to suit everyone!

You are able to filter our lashes through the Shop page including things like glasses wearers and length of lash.

To make it easy, we have also created an Instagram lash filter where you can virtually try on all our lashes to see which best suits you. You can access this filter through the home page of our website, or via the link below

Natural lash filter- https://www.instagram.com/ar/235835058103586/

Semi- glam lash filter- https://www.instagram.com/ar/233302345033163/

Glam lash filter- https://www.instagram.com/ar/4840177599386498/

Alternatively, we are always an email, Facebook or Instagram message away!

Yes, our lashes are made to be a little long so they can cater to everyone. Therefore they can be cut with sharp scissors. Have a look at our IG highlights for more tips on this

Please ensure you are happy with the lashes before you cut them as once cut, they cannot be returned and you cannot receive a refund on them.

The lashes will last for 12 hours before needing to be reapplied for both the Magnetic and Lash Liner range.

The lashes are also reusable for up to 30 wears as long as you clean them after each wear, allowing them to dry on a paper towel before storing them in their case once they are fully dry.

Our Liners contain no glue and no latex making it a perfect solution for people who are sensitive to those ingredients.

However, it is not possible for us to definitively say you will not react to the product without knowing what ingredient. All ingredients can be found on the product page of each product. So we would always recommend patch testing first. And don't forget about our money back guarantee!

Great question!

A common misconception in
relation to our product is that because it using an adhesive based compound
this would indicate that it is in fact a glue. However, there are many
different forms of adhesive such as glue, cement, tape and pressure sensitive
adhesives (PSA).

 Our Magic Liner is made of a compound which forms a pressure sensitive
adhesive (PSA). A PSA is a non- reactive adhesive that forms a bond due to its
viscous nature that adheres when pressure is applied. This differs from more
common lash glue which are a reactive adhesive. Lash glues work using a
solvent, which evaporates as it dries causing the adhesive to harden therefore
allowing an object to stick to the glue. Once glue has dried, the product has
stuck to the glue and therefore is not able to be removed and reapplied.

As some of you may have seen on my webpage,
this is what comically resulted in me gluing my eyes shut when I previously
attempted to apply glue lashes prior to founding Amaia Lashes. As a result, I
avoid glues completely (don't need a repeat of that disaster! This is why I am
so excited to introduce our Magic Liner. Our Magic Liner, due to being a PSA is
able to be removed and reapplied due to its viscous nature, as it remains tacky
and does not dry to form a solvent. I can assure you that after rigorous
testing I have yet to glue my eyes together once with this product!

As you can see, glues and PSA work differently
and this is why our Magic Liner is labelled as an adhesive and not a glue.

Shipping & Returns

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and ship all of our products via tracked parcels through Australia Post.

Parcels are dispatched same day if ordered before 1pm AWST and next business day after that time.

For more information regarding shipping times, please visit our Shipping and Returns page at the bottom of our page

Yes we do,

We are confident in our product and provide customers a refund within 7 days of product arrival, minus $12 admin fee.

Please note, that once you have cut the eyelashes, it will not be able to be refunded.

Please contact us on hey@amaialashes.com.au for return details. Once we have received the product, we will process your refund.

Please note refunds may take up to 8 business days dependent on payment method.