Lash Crush

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Amaia Lashes Lash Crush is a lash curler and lash brush, all-in-one! This product is the answer to your straight, lifeless lashes and CLUMPY mascara problems because:

✔️ It quickly & easily curls your lashes.

✔️ Has an inbuilt brush to separate your lashes and break up clumps!

✔️ Gives your lashes a full & fluffy lash look.

✔️ Helps to blend false lashes with your natural lashes for a seamless application!


1) Clamp the Lash Crush at the base of your lashes, making sure your lashes are in between the brush of the Lash Crush, holding for 5 seconds

2) Gently let go of the pressure and move the Lash Crush further up your lash clamping down as you go until you get to the top of your lash

3) You should try to clamp down 3-5 times from the base to the top of your lash

4) Repeat on other eye

5) Add mascara (if needed)

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