Bad Influence Strip Lash

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Our Bad Influence lash is a beautiful glam cat lash that provides both length and volume. It is quite sparse in the inner corner to create a full glamorous look. These differ to our Playful lashes as Playful have small spaces in between the lash hairs whereas Bad Influence has no gaps and is used to create a fuller look.

Beautiful night lash to provide length and volume to the outer corner of your lashes.

Length: Inside corner- 7mm, outer corner- 16.5mm

This product requires the use of Amaia Lashes Lash Liner. *LASH LINER NOT INCLUDED*



High quality synthetic fibres

How to Use

*This product requires the use of Amaia Lashes Lash Liner*
1) Shake the liner well
2) Apply 2-3 coats of liner to your eyeline (like a regular liner)
3) Attach strip lash to liner
4) Push down on the lash to the liner (due the the pressure sensitive adhesive qualities)
5) Enjoy your beautiful lashes

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