Our Magnetic Lashes utilise a magnetic eyeliner (a liquid eyeliner that contain iron particles that are also found in cosmetics such as eyeshadow and mascara) and lashes that have nano magnets on the ends of them. The nano magnets on the end of the lashes then stick to the magnetic eyeliner.
Our Lash Liner is made of a compound that is a pressure sensitive adhesive. This special ingredient allows our lashes to stick to ANY strip lash. No magnets needed!
1) Lash Liner is an adhesive liner (think of it as glue in a liner). The magnetic liner has magnetic compounds that attach to the magnets on the back of the lashes
2) Lash Liner works with ANY strip lash, magnetic only works with magnetic lashes
3) Lash Liner comes in clear or black, magnetic liner only comes in black
Personally, I found the Lash Liner easier to apply as it comes in clearĀ and not blackĀ (like the magnetic liner) however I have terrible sight and I find it more difficult to apply the lashes of the Lash Liner as you really have to line it up whereas with the magnetic lashes they click into place as they are guided by the magnets.
So if you are not great with blackĀ liner and have good sight, i wouldĀ recommend the Lash Liner. However if you are good with blackĀ liner and have bad sight I would recommend the Magnetic Lashes.
If you struggle with both sight and black liner, I would go for the magnetic as you can always remove the excess liner with a cotton tip and makeup removerĀ